About Us

4 MACS at Coastal croppedMACS Cool, Inc. is the manufacturer and seller of the MACS Cooler line of automated forced-air coolers. Scott Hawkins of Hawkins Engineering in Moss Landing, CA is President of MACS Cool, Inc. and inventor of the patented technologies used in the MACS Coolers.

MACS Cool, Inc. installed the first MACS Cooler in 2004 in Pajaro, CA. Since then, word has spread internationally about the energy-savings, speed, and productivity improvements the MACS provides.

LED display countdown 4MACS Cool, Inc. has installed 30 units in the USA, and is constantly working on improvements to the design and feature set of the MACS Cooler. Our customers are amazed at how reliable, versatile and user-friendly the MACS Coolers are.

MACS (sometimes misspelled MAX Cooler, or MAC Cooler) means Modular Automated Cooling System. MACS Coolers are the leading technology in automated forced-air precooling systems. We don’t fear technology, we harness it to provide our customers with the most sophisticated precooling systems available.

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