Automated Precooling Cuts Labor Costs

a view of 4 MACS Coolers from the cold room, unloading precooled strawberries at Western Precooling in Oxnard, CA

A single forklift operator can unload many MACS Coolers once they have finished cooling the product. There are no tarps to remove.

The MACS automated forced-air precooling system cuts labor costs dramatically when compared to conventional cooling tunnels. The MACS Cooler automatically cools the product down to setpoint. Safety setpoints ensure more “delicate” product never gets too cold. Also, the direction of air through the product changes at every cooling zone. More even cooling, automatically.

temps and setpoints - Module Detail

Our touch screens have detailed information, so you always know what’s happening in each cooling zone. Just because it’s automatic doesn’t mean it’s a mystery. Current temperatures, current setpoints, current load number, product code, and fan speed are just a few of the things you can know at a glance.

Automated is easier and more cost-effective

No tarps, no hassle. One forklift can load many MACS Coolers on the receiving end. We’ve seen a single forklift operator manage 6 MACS units. On the cold room side, another forklift operator can unload all of the product that is cooled on the MACS units. Less forklift traffic means less chance for injury and damage to equipment and product. Faster cooling and lower labor demands means lower labor costs and fewer overtime hours.

With automation, MACS Coolers reduce labor by 60%. When you factor in No Tunnel Setup; No Tunnel Tarping; No Tunnel Takedown; and Less Travel Distance; you will never want to use a tarped-tunnel again. The MACS Cooler can save literally hours a day worth of labor time.

If a forced-air cooler is the right solution for you, make it a MACS Cooler.

A forklift loading a pallet of strawberries on the infeed of a MACS Cooler to be precooled

A forklift sets the pallets down. The MACS automatically handles the rest.