Blast Cooling/Chilling

What is Blast Cooling?

2 rows of pallets on a cooling tunnel with no tarp

Traditional-style blast cooler.

Portable automated strawberry cooler at Western Precooling in Castroville, CA

The MACS Cooler, a new, improved take on blast coolers. Insulated panels allow a MACS to cool produce outside a cold room.

Blast Cooling (also Blast Chilling) is a precooling method where air is forced (blasted) out at relatively high velocities in order to cool food to a low temperature suitable for storage. Blast Cooling is also called forced-air cooling.

Blast Cooling rapidly lowers the “pulp temperature” of product to preserve quality, extend shelf-life, and inhibit microbial growth.

Blast Cooling may refer to the cooling method that utilizes a cooling tunnel. MACS Coolers are a type of blast cooler (forced-air cooler) that automates the cooling process.

If you are looking for a Blast Cooler solution, contact us. We’ll help you determine if a MACS Cooler is right for your cooling need.