The Cold Chain Starts with Proper Cooling

A MACS Cooler operator checking the pulp temperature of strawberries before precooling

As with any shippable commodity, food products have supply-chain logistics to deal with. But unlike most commodities, fresh produce and diary products also have the “cold chain” factor.

The cold chain is the portion of the supply chain where product is cooled to the appropriate temperature and that temperature is maintained throughout the rest of the shipping process. If the product isn’t cooled properly at the start, the rest of the cold chain is weak.

MACS Cooler, the start of a strong Cold Chain

For products that can be cooled by forced-air method, MACS Coolers are the most sophisticated solution available. MACS Coolers are automated, with recipe-derived cooling times based on product and packaging type. Each product has its own time and temperature parameters, including safeties.

Seals of a MACS precooler raisingBecause the MACS Cooler has multiple cooling zones, hot product is cooled sooner. In a 2-module (4-zone) MACS, the product is cooled for 1/4 of the time before moving to the next zone and allowing fresh product in. That means the product can begin the cold chain sooner. In Room Cooling and Tunnel Cooling applications, the product is staged for several minutes before cooling begins.

Room Cooling is slow to lower product temperature, and Cooling Tunnels overcool the outside of the pallets. MACS Coolers use forced-air, like a Cooling Tunnel, but the air-flow changes at each cooling zone, so cooling is more even.

With the globalization of the food industry, a strong Cold Chain is more important than ever. Some products are shipped across the continent or even across the world. Getting the product cooled quickly and as early-as-possible are critical factors.

Along with the global food economy, there is a rise in regulations. More than earning simply a bad reputation, there can be serious consequences for poor Cold Chain management. Proper cooling is vital.

Produce, Diary, and Pharmaceutical cargo must meet specific temperature ranges within a specified amount of time. If your application calls for forced-air cooling, make MACS Cooler the first link in your Cold Chain.