Inspection and Transfer Conveyors


In addition to our MACS Coolers, MACS Cool provides customers with product conveyor system solutions.

Inspection Conveyors
Transfer Conveyors
Custom Conveyors

MACS Cool Inspection Conveyors

Inspection Conveyors are a great solution for staging incoming product at the receiving area while reducing forklift traffic.

inspection-conveyor-panelsHow do they work?

Product arrives at the receiving area and tracking labels are affixed to each pallet. A forklift unloads the pallets from the delivery trucks and sets them on the Inspection Conveyors.

Our automated Inspection Conveyors are easy to use.

The pallets move down the conveyor line until they reach an inspection station where the product can be inspected. Once an inspector is finished, they press a button and the product moves to the end where it can be unloaded and taken to be precooled, or transferred directly into the cold room via automatic door.

Inspection Conveyors work great when used with precooling equipment like a MACS Cooler, where the product can be loaded for cooling immediately after passing inspection.

MACS Cool Transfer Conveyors

inspection-conveyor-infeedsOur Transfer Conveyors are automated and designed to move pallets of product from a post-inspection or receiving area into a refrigerated building.

How do they work?

Product is set on the Infeed portion of the Transfer Conveyor. The product stages automatically and moves the pallets to the end of the conveyor line. If a door is present, the product waits while the door raises before moving into the cold room. Once the product has finished it’s transition, the door closes.

MACS Cool Transfer Conveyors interface with an automated door that opens to allow product to enter the cold room, and then closes to keep the cold air in.

inspection conveyor button

Custom Conveyors

MACS Cool will design automatic conveyor systems to meet your needs. Whether you need conveyors for staging, transport, transfer, or inspection, our conveyors do the hard work for you, automatically.

Contact us for a consultation on what type of conveyor works best for your project.

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