MACS Cooler modules and their components are built off-site and then transported by truck and trailer to the location where they will be installed.
(See below for photos and descriptions of the process).

A MACS Cooler module ready for shipping A MACS Cooler module leaving the manufacturing facility
A MACS Cooler module (1/2 of a 2-module system) being transported to the job-site at Western Precooling Systems in Oxnard, CA. The load is over-height and over-width and rides 7-8″ above the road bed.
Delivering a MACS module Installing a MACS Cooler
The module is lowered with hydraulics from the special trailer rigging and the trailer is pulled away. The module is then “floated” into place by means of air bearings placed at 4 corners.
Delivering a MACS Cooler module MACS Cooler module being backed into the refrigerated building
At Bonita Packing in Santa Maria, CA, a MACS module is backed into the wall opening in the cold room.
Installing a MACS module at a cooling facility Inserting a MACS module into a building
It is carefully guided through the opening and lowered to the smooth concrete.
Installing a MACS module at a cooling facility in California
The trailer is detached and pulled away from the first module.
Joining the second MACS module Joining the second MACS module to the first
After dropping off the second module, the trailer is pulled away. Final positioning of the second module to the first is done using air bearings on smooth and flat concrete.

MACS Cool General Installation Drawings

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