MAX Cooler

Is it pronounced MAX Cooler or MACS Cooler?

“I couldn’t find ‘MAX Cooler’ on Google.”

Google, along with other search engines, doesn’t yet understand puns. MACS is an acronym for Modular Automated Cooling System. It also happens that it sounds exactly like “MAX”.

The name MACS Cooler is a play on MAX Cooler. Yes, MACS Coolers are the “Max” when it comes to forced-air precoolers. Yes, MACS Coolers are the “Max” when it comes to energy-efficient precooling. We could have just called them “MAX Coolers”. But we wanted to say more. MACS Coolers are Modular Automated Cooling Systems. This is how we offer customers the most technologically advanced precooling system available for cooling fresh produce.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re glad people are talking about the MACS Cooler and the way it cools faster than tarped-tunnels. You can even give your MACS Cooler the name “Max” if you like. Just remember, instead of typing “Max Cooler” into your search engine of choice, don’t forget the “CS”. That stands for Cooling System.

MACS Cooler and its variants are sometimes misspelled as: MAC’s Cooler, MAC Cooler, MAX Cooler, MAX, MACKS, MACK. The English language is full of homophones. What can you do?