Postharvest Cooling

unloading field packed produce


Postharvest is the time between a crop’s harvest and its consumption. During this time, the produce is packaged, cooled, processed, sold, and transported. MACS Coolers are designed to handle the cooling portion of the postharvest stage.

As soon as the crop has been harvested, the fruit or vegetable begins to die. For many produce varieties, precooling is critical at this point as it slows the decay rate to preserve the quality of the produce. And this adds shelf-life and increases the value of the produce.

Postharvest precooling is also known to slow mold growth in some produce varieties. This is a good example of why it’s important to precool raspberries (for example) soon after harvest and to cool them quickly.

Using a MACS Cooler for postharvest precooling adds these benefits:

  • longer shelf-life
  • more moisture retention
    • healthier appearance
    • better tasting
    • higher weight by volume
  • more value
  • slow mold growth (in some produce varieties)

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some of the many fruits that can be precooled on a MACS Cooler