MACS-imize Productivity

Want faster precooling? A two module MACS Cooler will cool as much as six conventional tarped tunnels with 60% less forklift labor.


Labor (60% less)

  • Forklift Operators
    • No tunnel set-up
    • No tunnel tarping
    • No tunnel take-down
    • Less travel distance
  • Tunnel Operators
    • No periodic probing to determine when cooling is complete

A MACS Cooler is the easiest post-harvest precooling system there is. Pallets are loaded at the Infeed Conveyors, and the product advances to the next precooling zone automatically. Each time the product advances, the air flow is reversed for even cooling. This could take up to half an hour on other precooling systems, but the MACS Cooler does this automatically in seconds.

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