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a blend of fruits and veggies

The MACS Cooler (Modular Automated Cooling System) is an automated forced-air precooler. The MACS is designed to cool a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables prior to shipping.

Typically, a MACS Cooler is attached to a refrigerated building. Pallets of product are loaded onto the MACS Infeed Conveyors, where they are automatically loaded into a cooling module.

MACS is Modular
This means that the primary sections of a MACS can be removed and reattached for portability and/or expansion.

MACS is Automated
MACS is the most sophisticated forced-air precooling system available. A load of 6 pallets is loaded by forklift onto the Infeed Conveyors. Then, the product’s pulp temperature is taken and entered into the Touch Screen. MACS takes it from there. The door opens, the seals retract and the load moves into the first cooling zone. All of this happens automatically.

MACS Coolers allow for a huge variety of product types through user-configurable recipes (we call them Product Codes). Product Codes contain temperature setpoints and safeties, fan speeds, cooling time and more.

And the features keep adding up! When we make improvements and add functionality, MACS Coolers are eligible for free software upgrades. This is just one of the ways we are able to innovate continually.

MACS is Cooling
From the time the product enters into the first cooling zone, MACS is cooling. Precooling with a MACS Cooler is really cooling. Because there is no room air to mix with, MACS Coolers can cool quickly. Plus, as the product moves from one zone to the next, the air-flow changes direction for more even cooling throughout the pallet.

MACS is a System of technologies and innovation
Every component in the MACS Cooler has been engineered or selected for cooling efficiency and reliability. MACS customers enjoy an uptime of 99.96%!! With over 12 years of innovation and 30 installed units, MACS comes with the experience to find the ideal precooling configuration for your product.

Powerful Operator Interface

MACS Coolers are equipped with a 12″ touch screen. This operator interface allows both full-control, and full automation of the MACS.

Here is the MAIN screen. Here you can perform the majority of day to day tasks on a MACS Cooler.macs-main-screen

  1. Remote Control – Indicates screen is being monitored remotely.
  2. Suction Pressure – Main refrigerant suction pressure in pounds per square inch.
  3. Time – Current time. Settable from Touch Panel.
  4. Cooler Mode – Hand – Off – Auto
  5. Door Mode – Hand – Off – Auto
  6. Infeed Mode – Hand – Off – Auto
  7. Infeed Product Code – Product code for load on infeed conveyors. Used in ¼ cool time calculations. Pressing this button brings up a number pad for entering the Infeed Product Code.
  8. Infeed Product Temp – Temperature of load on infeed conveyors. Used in ¼ cool time calculations. Pressing this button brings up a number pad for entering the Infeed Product Temperature.
  9. Time Remaining – Time until longest current ¼ cool time is completed.
  10. Product Codes – Descriptions of products and codes.
  11. Pallet Indicator – Shows the operator where pallets are currently located.
  12. Zone Product Code – Displays the product code for the load in the current zone.
  13. Temperatures – Displays zone return air temperatures.
  14. Load Number – Load in the current zone.
  15. Screens – Button for accessing other operator screens. Press to bring up the screen selection menu.
  16. Pause – Button used for placing the MACS Cooler in Pause mode.
  17. Page Up & Page Down – Buttons for paging up or down through the list of Product Codes.
  18. Zone Infeed Product Temp – The temperature (set by the operator) of the product when it was first loaded. Used for calculating the cooling time.

The MACS has many sensors, and all of its information is available to operators through the various screens. Other screens allow access to manual/automatic defrost; manual control of fans and conveyors; zone details; alarm history; temperature/pressure graphs and more.

Loading product into a MACS Cooler

Below, we take a look at the air flow inside a MACS Cooler. After a load of product automatically moves from one zone to the next, the air flow changes direction producing an even temperature throughout the product.

A diagram showing how the MACS Cooler automatically reverses air flow through the product

Reversing the air-flow direction equalizes the temperature across the pallet.

This plan view image shows how a 2-module MACS Cooler can replace 6 tarped cooling tunnels while reducing building size by 4,500 sq. ft.

MACS Coolers cool faster and take up less space than conventional cooling tunnels.

A plan view drawing of a single MACS Cooler module inserted into refrigerated space

The majority of the MACS Cooler sits outside the Cold Room, saving cooler floor space.

A plan view drawing of a 2-module MACS Cooler inserted into refrigerated space

A 2-module MACS Cooler. Roughly 80% of the MACS is outside the refrigerated building.

plan view of how a MACS Cooler can transfer precooled produce into a cold room via 90 degree turn conveyors

MACS Coolers can be installed with 90° conveyors so the cooler can run parallel to the building.

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