Energy Savings

2 MACS automated forced-air coolers at Agro-Jal in Santa Maria

MACS-imize Energy Savings

MACS Coolers use less energy than conventional precooling tunnels.

Electric Usage (40-50% less)

  • Fans

    • Shorter, more even airflow paths
    • Automatic variable speed cycles
    • Shorter run times due to faster precooling
  • Refrigeration

    • More effective heat transfer due to reversing air flow
    • Cold air goes directly to the warm product instead of mixing with room air
    • Less fan heat to remove due to shorter run times
    • Less warm air entering the building through door openings
    • Less forklift heat entering building
    • Less building space to keep cool


Typical Energy Savings Rebate Analysis (For more detailed information see our Brochure.)

6 Conventional Precooling Tunnels 2-Module MACS Cooler
Total kWh/Pallet 14.13 7.39
Estimated Annual Pallets 22,800 22,800
Total kWh/Year 322,164 168,492
Assumed Average $/kWh $0.18 $0.18 Est. $ Savings
Electrical Cost/Year $57,990 $30,329 $27,661 (48%)
kW Summary Baseline MACS Coolers kWh Savings
Total kWh/Year 322,164 168,492 153,672
Rebate $/kWh $0.14
 Potential Rebate $21,514  

MACS Coolers are powerful, portable precooling systems that can help lower your energy costs. Request a quote to find out if a MACS Cooler can meet your precooling needs.

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