Portable Automated Produce Cooling

A MACS Cooler module ready for shippingMACS Coolers are portable

In addition to being powerful and energy-efficient, MACS Coolers are your portable automated precooling solution. The MACS (Modular Automated Cooling System) can be moved seasonally (or for permanent relocation) via truck and trailer. This makes MACS Coolers the most powerful portable automated cooling system there is.

A standard 2-module MACS includes Infeed and Outfeed conveyors and 2 cooling modules. Some of our customers move their MACS Coolers twice a year to accommodate peak precooling demand. This is a cost-effective solution when you need rapid precooling for the peak of a crop’s season in one location, but need rapid precooling at another location 5 months later. MACS automated precoolers are the answer.

Whether you are moving it to catch the peak of strawberry season in Salinas or Santa Maria; or you want to lease a MACS Cooler to precooling facilities, MACS Coolers are the powerful portable precooler.

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