Precooling Technology

MACS Cooler C-more touch screen closeupMACS Cooler PLC closeup

It takes a lot of technology to make the most sophisticated forced-air precooling system available. But we aren’t afraid of technology, we embrace it. That’s why we are always adding innovation to the MACS Cooler.


Do-more rack

MACS Coolers come with a PLC/PAC (programmable logic controller, programmable automation controller). This PLC/PAC is the ‘brain’ of the operation. A fast CPU and plenty of expandable onboard memory allow for us to add features and increase usability. This level of automation has simply never been seen before in a produce cooling system.

The processor’s speed lets us monitor and control devices with great accuracy. And its precision lets us view temperatures and pressures at fractions of a unit.


MACS Cooler PAC CloseupEvery MACS Cooler is packed with technology that makes it the fastest, most powerful precooling system you can buy. This includes accurate temperature and pressure sensors that give real-time feedback on the current state of the MACS precooling system.

Temperatures sensors control refrigeration solenoids and fan speeds. Refrigeration Pressure sensors control motorized valves. Each cooling zone working independently from the rest. Our sensors combined with our automatic reversing air-flow provide more even cooling than conventional cooling tunnels.

Touch Screen HMI (Human Machine Interface)

MACS Cooler C-more touch screen closeupAll of the controls of the MACS Cooler are simplified by our 12″ Touch Screen HMI. An intuitive navigation menu lets you monitor and control the MACS Cooler. Set up an automatic defrost, enter product temperatures for control and logging. See every sensor and view every temperature. It’s clear, in color, and just a touch away.

High-tech precooling and proud

We glad to be at the forefront of precooling technology. And we’re excited that our customers get to take advantage of the engineering and technology we have packed into each MACS Cooler. If you like technology and have a precooling need, request a quote to see how MACS Cooler technology can work for you.