Product Quality

MACS-imize Product Quality

Post-harvest precooling is critical for maintaining product quality and shelf-life. Produce must be cooled soon after harvest, since deterioration begins immediately after the fruit leaves the plant. MACS Coolers are able to rapidly remove heat, slow the decaying process, and maximize product quality.

Conventional tarped tunnels cool in only 1 direction.

Single direction precooling causes the outside of the product to cool quickly while the inside of the product cools slowly and less evenly. This often leaves “hot spots” that can severely reduce the product shelf life..

MACS Coolers cool in both directions.

Bi-directional precooling insures all of the cartons are cooled quickly and evenly. This increases shelf life and customer satisfaction.

For fast, even, energy-efficient precooling, MACS Cool your produce, with a MACS Cooler.

Request a quote to find out even more ways a MACS Automated cooler can help you increase the quality of your fresh produce.

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