Precooling Broccoli

broccoliThe MACS Cooler is great for precooling fruits, but what about vegetables like broccoli? Great news! MACS Coolers are already quickly precooling broccoli at several of our customer’s facilities.

There are typically two methods for precooling broccoli, ice cooling and forced-air cooling. The MACS Cooler is a forced-air cooler, and so is perfect for precooling iceless broccoli. MACS Coolers can also be used to precool broccoli prior to ice-cooling, which saves on the amount of ice needed. That leads to over $400/day of savings on a single ice injector.

Some of our customers have multiple produce commodities cooled at their facilities. This will sometimes include a combination of fruits and vegetables. Strawberries, Raspberries, Broccoli and Cauliflower can all be cooled on the same MACS Cooler. Unique product codes allow different cooling times and parameters to be set for each product type.

Request a quote to see how a MACS Cooler can fill your broccoli precooling needs.