Precooling Dairy Products

4 MACS automated strawberry coolers in Oxnard, CA

MACS Coolers can be used for cooling more than just fruits and vegetables. Anything that can be cooled with the forced-air cooling method can benefit from being precooled with a MACS.

Cooling Dairy, Milk, Yogurt, etc.

Dairy products, such as Milk, Yogurt, Eggs, can be precooled with forced-air cooling. As with fresh fruits and vegetables, rapid precooling extends the shelf-life of diary products as well.

In applications where diary products are room cooled, forced-air cooling the product with a MACS Cooler can improve salability while preserving cooler floor space.

When precooling dairy goods, just like with fresh produce, the packaging is critical to successfully removing heat. Forced-air cooling works best when air-flow is not restricted by packaging.

MACS is Automatic

Precooling dairy with MACS Coolers is easy. Each product/package type gets its own Product Code. The MACS calculates the needed time-to-cool based on the product’s starting temperature. Once loaded, the MACS Cooler moves the product through each cooling zone automatically. The air-flow is reversed in each cooling zone to equalize the temperature across the pallet.

Real-time data monitoring

Every MACS Cooler is equipped with a touch-screen Operator Interface. This makes operating the MACS easy. It also provides the users with the ability to view sensor data (temperatures, pressures) in real-time.

If you are interested in cooling diary products, contact us and tell us your precooling needs. See how a MACS Cooler can be your Automated Dairy Cooler.